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Our Pre-Summer Sale

Take An Extra 10% Off Any Residential & Commercial

Discount applies to any Installation or Service up to $1,000 of the total cost. (Maximum $100 Discount)

Featured Installations and Services are:

EV Chargers

Hot tubs

Ceiling Fans

Attic Fans

Swimming Pools

Surge Protection

Service Upgrades

At Tri Starr Electric our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide quality results for projects of all complexities throughout the NJ area. Take advantage  of our competitive pricing and have us maintain your electrical system  to ensure optimized performance and safety.


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Get quality residential and commercial electrical service when you choose Tri Starr Electric. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You will benefit from our vast knowledge base developed over the past 10 years. You’ll have a start to finish contractor who can work directly with scheduling and cost control – making us your smart choice!

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