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Residential & Commercial

Tri Starr Electric LLC is proud to be the leading electrical contractor in Union, Somerset, Middlesex, Morris, and Essex Counties in New Jersey. We offer a wide array of electrical services, specializing in both residential and commercial sectors, ensuring seamless transitions to modern electrical solutions.

Why Choose Tri Starr Electric LLC?

  • Wide Service Area: Expertly serving the counties of Union, Somerset, Middlesex, Essex, and Morris.

  • EV Charging Expertise: Specialized in installing EV charging stations, facilitating a seamless transition to electric vehicles.

  • Customized Generator Installations: Providing peace of mind with reliable backup power solutions for homes and businesses.

  • Round-the-Clock Availability: Our skilled technicians are available 24/7 to address your electrical needs at any time.

  • Safety and Code Compliance: Ensuring all electrical panel installations and upgrades are up to code and safe.

  • Advanced Smart Home Solutions: Specializing in smart lighting and home automation systems for a modern living experience.

  • Comprehensive Residential Services: Offering a full spectrum of residential electrical services, from installations to repairs, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.

  • Innovative Residential EV Charging Stations: Equipping homes with the latest in EV charging technology.

At Tri Starr Electric LLC, we combine technical proficiency with innovative solutions to deliver outstanding electrical services. Our unwavering commitment to excellence spans across Union, Somerset, Middlesex, Essex, and Morris Counties. Whether it's advanced smart home installations, reliable power solutions, or general electrical maintenance, we are your trusted electrical experts in New Jersey.

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